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Non Destructive Testing (NDT) | Testing Equipment | PCTE Industrial

Non Destructive Testing Equipment

PCTE Industrial offers non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment to fulfil any of your testing needs be it in Industrial or Construction NDT.


Our product range includes Ultrasonic Probes and Testing instruments from GB Inspection systems, Proceq and Dolphitech, Uniwest's range of Eddy Current probes and test equipment, REL UV lamps and a broad range of visual inspection, coating inspection and metal hardness testing equipment. Contact us today for any industrial NDT needs. 



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Western Australia

T: (08) 9322 4020

Reuben Barnes


M: 0408 034 668


New South Wales

William Ward


T: (02) 9986 1857

M: 0418 381 709



T: (03) 9938 3830

Stuart McCurdy


M: 0428 315 502

Monica Simhadri


M: 0488 331 244



Michael Dubery


T: (07) 3040 6166

M: 0419 477 715

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